What Makes Body Power Cross Trainer BFX800 an Excellent Investment?

When you visit a gym or a fitness center, one workout equipment you’ll notice are elliptical machines also known as cross trainers. This workout machine is one of the fundamental pieces of gym equipment. You will immediately recognize this exercise machine because of its long handles and foot pedals.

An elliptical exercise machine supports low-impact workout. It is ideal for individuals suffering from muscles and joint problems.  Using this equipment will not put pressure on the muscles and joints to prevent further damages.

This workout machine simulates various movement patterns which include walking, running, and climbing. A cross trainer exercises your whole body. Although it is a kind of stationary equipment, elliptical machines promote muscle building on both upper and lower body region. Likewise, it accelerates weight loss since this equipment helps in faster burning of calories and fats. Inasmuch, using this exercise machine supports full-body workout but with lesser impact.

Many people are becoming more interested in elliptical trainers. Investing in this item means you no longer have to visit the gym daily. Thus, you can workout anytime you want at home.

If you are planning to purchase an elliptical trainer, make sure to invest one of the best brands in the market. One name you can trust in this industry is Body Power Elliptical Machine BFX800.

Who is Body Power?

The Body Power sport is a famous name in the fitness industry. This manufacturer of fitness equipment has been around for several years. However, last 2017, Body Power sports decided to create an exercise machine that has more impact on people. It is when Body Power introduced the BFX800 Elliptical exercise machine in the market.

What is BFX800 Elliptical Machine?

The BFX800 is one of the most reliable, durable and modern gym equipment that is perfect for an average 9-5er. This equipment is ideal for individuals who are searching for an alternative to visiting the gym or fitness center. Furthermore, it is one of the best full-body yet low-impact workout machine.

If your goal is to build muscles, keep a fit body and lose weight, using this gym equipment is an excellent decision.

What makes Body Power BFX800 a Good Investment?

You are probably wondering about the features of this item. To learn more about the technical specifications of this exercise machine, get the info here.

BFX800 Elliptical Trainer Technical Details

1. Dimensions- This series by Body Power measures 129.5L x 76W x 175H cm. The total weight of the item is 107.3 pounds.

2. Stride Distance- The stride distance of BFX800 is 13inches. This measurement is ideal for shorter individuals.

3. Friction Resistance- This equipment features a friction resistance system that allows a person to pedal with more force. Moreover, this feature adds more variety in exercising which supports in developing core muscles.

4. Monitoring Meter- This equipment comes with a basic fitness meter. Body Power can monitor time, distance, speed, and calories burned during the workout period. With this, you can track the progress of your exercise and monitor your body.

Would you like to have a personal Body Power elliptical machine? Learn more about this exercise equipment at Pro Trainer Machine.

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