Urea Foot Cream: Is It Worth Trying?


Urine as a cream? You are probably asking the same question as others do. However, this is not the same urea that is chemically produced inside the body. This topic emphasizes the industrially produced urea – a compound that was chemically combined from synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide. Several clinical studies have proven that urea has several skin health benefits since its first discovery during the early years of Egypt, where the ancient Egyptian used urotherapy (urine) to enhance beauty. Even though the first discovery of urea used for skin care regime was not as better as it is now, it had led the modern scientists to formulate synthetic urea – a safe skin care ingredient. In the world of cosmetics and personal care, urea foot cream is now gaining popularity. But what is urea foot cream? And is it worth trying? The feet are one of the driest parts of the human skin; due to the everyday activities, friction from the feet to the ground, and the carrying the entire weight, the feet become calloused and dry. However, that can be avoided or minimized by using 40 percent urea foot cream. According to the experts, the urea has the following skin benefits that make it a better solution for drying feet.

  1. It helps hydrate

The urea is known humectant, where it can retain natural skin moisture; it binds the water present in the skin. The retaining of natural skin moisture happens when the applied urea had penetrated into the skin, specifically into the stratum lucidrum. Thus, with enough skin hydration, the feet start to smoothen and soften.

  1. It helps exfoliate

One of the best qualities of urea foot cream is its ability to exfoliate or it helps remove the dead skin cells. According to the experts, when the safe concentration of urea is administered to the skin, it will act as keratolytic, which helps loosen dead and scaly skin, enabling the body to regenerate and reinvigorate new set of outer-layer of skin at the feet.

  1. It helps protect the skin

Although the urea helps to eliminate scaly, dry, and callused feet, it can also help protect the skin from possible skin containments and trauma. According to the experts, the urea can help strengthen the barrier functions of stratum lucidrum or the very outer layer of the soles of the feet.

  1. It also helps in treating the scaling and inflaming of the feet.

According to the experts, the urea can also act as anti-fungal and corticosteroids, which can help treat scaling and inflammation of the feet. What is the reliable urea foot cream? There are numbers of urea foot creams that are sold in the market, but only PurSources urea 40 percent cream can provide positive skin result.

If you want to know everything about the product, you may visit Best Beauty Haven’s website and check it out now. Conclusion Urea is not as bad as what you think. Unlike before, where the ancient Egyptians use the urine for urotherapy; the modern, synthesized, and safe urea is becoming popular especially the foot urea 40 percent cream. Due to its positive reviews, trusting urea foot cream is now possible.

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