Top Five Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery After Brutal Workout

Bodybuilding is not easy; you must be determined both in mind and body, especially when it is time to work on some intense workout.

The problem is with new bodybuilders, they tend to overtrain – not following the recommended workout routine, exceeding the body’s limit, and working out intensively and regularly. If you are an aspiring bodybuilder, you should know that allowing your muscles to recover is one of the most critical parts in bodybuilding, which is why several professional bodybuilders and coaches often recommend alternate workout. If you want to get additional information on the muscle repair process, it’s all explained here.

For the meantime, here are the top five ways to speed up muscle recovery after a brutal workout:

1. Effective planning and execution of workout routines

During a workout, your body breaks down – weight, energy, cardio, and muscle tissues – putting your body in a fatigued state. Without or lack of recovery can ensue your overall body into exhaustion; thus, insisting oneself to work-out even if the body, especially the muscles, is screaming that it is on its limit, could lead to muscle soreness, muscle inflammation, and worst muscle tissue total tear.

So, to continuously improve muscle mass, you should plan every workout routines for effective execution. Also, make sure to include recovery time between your schedules; remember that muscle recovery usually takes two to three days, depending on how intense the workout routines were.

2. Get enough quality sleep

Sleep plays a huge part in muscle growth and repair. According to the studies, it is revealed that when you are sleeping the blood circulation increases. Having an increased blood supply to the muscle tissues, it receives abundant oxygen supply, as well as, nutrients – both are essential to muscle growth and repair.

So, make sure to have enough quality sleep (8 hours as recommended) and at least 30 minutes power nap in the afternoon.

3. Keep hydrated

Dehydration delays muscle tissue recovery. During a workout your body’s demand for water and electrolyte increases; this is because a significant water percentage inside your body is lost through sweat. Remember that the muscles are an active tissue, which means it needs water to move, as well as, for muscle growth and repair. Thus, depriving oneself with water during workout increases the risk of muscle tissue rupture and tear.

4. Increase protein intake

Protein is the primary nutrient that helps in muscle growth, repair, and recovery. So, make sure to increase your protein intake, as well as, complex carbohydrates. Also, to support your everyday protein demand, you may try taking protein supplement; however, make sure that you are taking a reliable and safe protein supplement.

5. Pamper yourself with a massage after workout

Massage boosts blood circulation, which is essential to muscle recovery and repair. So, if you have time, do not forget to pamper yourself with a healthy massage.

Final Thoughts

Bodybuilding isn’t all about lifting weights – it is about determination (both mind and body), optimism, and never giving up.

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