Things to Do Before Buying a Garment Steamer

There’s no doubt that garment steamers are heaven-sent. Flat irons do work, and not to take away any credit from their existence, are amazing in their own rights. However, with the convenience and overall advantages of using a garment steamer, more and more homeowners are ditching their flat irons and ironing boards in exchange for either portable steamers or large-bodied ones.

Still, as great as this invention may be, it pays to exercise some restraint and first take a look at the different options critically. After all, these things still cost money and ending up with a substandard one is a waste of time and money. Here’s a helpful list of pointers for those who are intending to buy one for home use.

  1. Read reviews.

The Internet is an impressive repository of information just waiting to be scoured. It’s easy to be an educated buyer these days. All it takes is resourcefulness and initiative. Reviews are all over the Internet and the only reason a future owner of a garment steamer won’t read it is if they don’t care about buyer’s regrets at all. In addition to review sections on online stores, there are also blogs and dedicated websites that has reviews for related household products. Garment steamer included. One example isĀ this in-depth look at the Russell Hobb RGS1800 steamer.

  1. Check safety features.

Safety is always a priority in the household. While flat irons are more well-known for worrying stories where clothes are burned through because the owner forgot to turn it off, steamers aren’t that far off. Generally, it’s not likely to happen. But we have to take into account that there are manufacturers out there who are circumventing safety procedures and quality control, all in the name of making a quick profit. It falls upon the buyer to check if important features like auto shut off are in the device.

  1. Check efficiency.

The garment steamer is not your usual electronic device that consumes minimal electricity. It uses up a notable amount of energy, though not as much as their flat iron counterpart. One way to go for an efficient garment steamer is by checking its heating up time. This may be trivial when steaming the same types of fabric in one go. But if the garments needed to be de-wrinkled vary greatly, from delicate fabric to thick rugs, short heating time is essential. This ensures that switching to a new heat setting won’t take too long.

  1. Consider size options including the water tank.

Garment steamers come in different shapes and sizes, though its head is usually shaped in a familiar flat, shower head shape. The size of garment steamers is important to look into especially for people who are moving around a lot. Backpackers and frequent travelers, for example, will want to have a handy garment steamer with them to save money. In a sense that they do their own steaming instead of leaving their apparel for the hotel to steam press or probably iron with traditional flat iron.

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