The Tao of Badass: How does it Work?

You are attracted to a woman but sadly don’t know how to approach her.

Worry not! You are not the only one is experiencing the same situation.

Catching a lady’s attention and interest is an art. You have to learn it and embody that character to snag the lady you desire. Most people call it the art of seduction. Though some men seem to have innate charmer characteristics, unfortunately, some does not possess the skills and knowledge on how to do it properly. The good thing is this; there are online resources that could help to bring out the Casanova in you.

The Tao of Badass is here to guide all men in being a complete badass with women. This program believes that any guy can be a Casanova. All it takes are a few pieces of advice, tips, and the right guide. And, you can learn these things here at the Tao of Badass.

The Tao of Badass, What is it?

It is a program with an aim to educate men on the art seduction. It comes in different modules which encompasses step by step processes on how to become badass with women.

The program is entitled ‘Everything You Have to Know to Be a Complete Badass with Women’. It may sound to forward and brash, but this guide teaches men the principle and theory about catching a woman’s interest. This complete program is put together by Joshua Pellicer, one of the most popular women magnet guru out there.

How does it Work?

The primary goal of this program is to let you understand the inner workings of social dynamics and how you can utilize it for your gain, such as maximizing relationships.

Aside from what you read above, one of the purposes of this module is to teach you strategies about genders. The expectation of this program is to boost your confidence in any social situation, particularly dating.

The program is distributed to members in the form of PDF. Thus, you have to be a member of this program to avail the modules. After the registration process, you can immediately get the files and start right away.

If you want to find out how to become a member of this program, consider reading the Tao of Badass review here at the Date and Simple.

Another service the program offers is dating coaching. The guru of this program will give you a questionnaire via the website. You have to fill out this questionnaire and mail it to Joshua Pellicer.

Take note, you need to pay extra for the coaching. You have to ask first the program to find out how much everything will cost you.

Thoughts on the Tao of Badass

This program is helpful in so many ways. However, there is a minor problem with the modules. The PDF’s are quite difficult to read, and it is 150 pages long.

The Tao of Badass received admirations and some critics as well. If you want to find out additional info, and deeper insights about this program, you can check out reviews of their clients. Also, read the Date and Simple review to know more about it.

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