The Difference Between A Humidifier And Vaporizer

You may get confused on the one to select when you are in the store to purchase one. They look pretty alike and you may not know the one recommended by your doctor. The good thing is that a vaporizer heats water to create steam while a humidifier creates mist from cold water but they both give you the same end results of adding moist in your dry air.

How to choose the most suitable device

You need to know the details about both of these devices and see the differences here before you pick one for your use. You need to know how they work and also their prices so that you are able to select between the two. After you know about them, you can get the one that you can afford, manage it and works out for you.

How do vaporizers work?

They emit hot steam by boiling the water using an in built heating element. Most of them are waterless and will have pre-moistened pads to give you therapeutic benefits. They have inhalants or medicinal oils extracted from plants to give a good inhalation purposes.

The negative part of it is the hot vapors it produces can impose the danger of burning your skin. It cannot be recommended in a home with young kids and pets at home. If you are watchful over the safety around at home, you may not like a vaporizer. They produce less noise compared to a humidifier that gives more noise as it operates.

How a humidifier works

An ultrasonic humidifier works by breaking water particles and produces a cool mist in to the air. It rotates the disk submerged in water to produce the required mist. The good thing it may not create any harm around your home as it works. You are free from worries of any danger that may come at your home.

It does not kill any viruses or bacteria that may come and invest your home. Since it does not have any boiling water to give cold mist, it promotes the spreading of bacteria and molds. You need to be very good on general cleaning and maintaining of the apparatus more often.

Cost and maintenance

A humidifier comes with a high cost when you are comparing it with the vaporizer. It also needs regular clean up to avoid the spread of bacteria in to the atmosphere which can lead to a severe case if mishandled. Humidifiers also need replacing of the wicks after a while. You need to weigh all this before you select one that works out for you.


Both of them can ease discomfort when you use them properly. To decrease the risk of bacteria growth, you need to clean them well if possible on a daily basis. Always remember that vaporizers are not ideal for kids and pets at home if you are looking for a safe device. It is a personal preference to purchase either of the two after you have considered the important factors.

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