The Authentic Backpacking Gear Guide

Purchasing a backpacking gear is a critical component in preparation for hiking. However, not everyone holds vast knowledge and experience on the dynamics involved. Several people have had to buy so many gears, only to discover they didn’t need them in the first place, I am not exceptional. Without proper guidance, it’s seldom that you can go through it without buying crap gear. Wisdom calls you to learn from the mistakes and experiences of others, which I am more than willing to share with you. In addition, will also provide you with amazing tips.

Selection of backpacking gear

Before selection of the kind of gear to wear, you need to understand the following.

  • The nature of the terrain
  • The temperature and climate
  • The length of stay

Improper clothes will make you uncomfortable, trap sweat and moisture as well as keep you wet and cool. I recommend soft, moisture wicking and lightweight materials.

Pants and shorts

In addition to being cooler than pants, shorts give you so much freedom and are recommended for low-altitude summer backpacking. Pants will keep you warm as the temperature decrease with increase in altitude. Pants will also protect you from poison ivy and allergic plants. The decision to wear these is yours, but if you do, seek these properties.

Boots and socks

The general principle is to get long lasting, comfortable and weather compliant footwear. For example, on wet grounds get waterproof material to keep your feet dry while on rocky ground, boots higher on the ankle are recommended for support. I must mention that the boots must properly fit you, otherwise it can cause bruises on you.

Boots alone cannot meet your desired comfort, complement them with wool or synthetic socks because they will allow your toes to breathe easily and they dry pretty fast.

Rain gear

In your hiking backpack, don’t miss an appropriate rain jacket regardless of the weather forecast, things can change while you’re in a forest. There are modern jackets that will allow your body to sweat and moisturize, without letting rain or other forest precipitation.


A hat will protect your face from the sun’s direct ultraviolet rays. Get a hart with the following characteristics

  • Should be water-repellent
  • Should be full-brimmed
  • Should be able to keep the rain off your face in case of a storm
  • Should be made of materials that are breathable and can keep the head warm


Its general knowledge that it gets cooler as we climb the mountain, you cannot afford to ignore this. In fact, the temperatures can go lower than expected. Always have a three-layer system of clothing; lightweight, medium-weight and an outer shell, to add to your body aptly as the temperature decrease.

As would recommend, there isn’t any reason whatsoever to purchase a crap piece of gear. There could be several guides about backpacking gear, but this one is written from hands-on experience and lessons from past mistakes, cannot be compared to any of those. At this point, if you buy any crap gear, I can only call it ignorance, have a mesmerizing backpacking experience.

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