At home running my homely small country restaurant

At home running my homely small country restaurant

In my quiet town among the sloppy hills of a Canadian countryside, I have made myself a name for running one of the best restaurant in the locality. It is not a big restaurant but a small eatery that can hold about thirty people.

I have run this joint for the last fifteen years. I started out by working here as a cook for the previous owner who sold me it to me at a hugely discounted price. He had become sickly due to old age and having no descendants who were interested in the business, he had decided to let me have the premises.

In the few years that I had worked for my previous boss, he had keenly observed my deep passion and commitment to good cooking and proper service to customers. One could say that he found me to be a natural for this kind of job. I also had a Midas touch to his business. When he had hired me as a young gentleman, his business had been tottering on the brink of closure due to lack of customers but a few months after hiring me he could hardly keep up with the traffic of customers.

When I came to Canada in search of a job, I had not been thinking of working as a cook. I had actually come looking for a job as a driver or some other kind of common non- skilled jobs. When I could not find any vacancy for such jobs, I had become desperate. When I came across this job as a cook I took it.

In the years I have been working in the restaurant business, I have come to realize that it is my niche. I discovered that cookery and customer service were a virtue that I was naturally gifted with. I had been a good cook ever since I was young and working in the market for many years as a young kid with my father had taught me the value of providing the best service and care for the customer. These values have helped me run my business very successfully.

I am continually looking for ways to better my services to my customers. One thing that I have always found lacking in my premises was some music. Some soft music in an eatery is always a welcome sound for the visitor as he enjoys his or her meal.

There are times also when people hire out the premises to use it for functions such as birthday parties and they need some music or some public address system. I do not have these appliances and I often have to hire which is expensive.

My next step towards making the restaurant the number one eatery for all the people around my locality is therefore buying some good music system with some good amplifiers and speakers that will be able to provide quality sounds during the usual business hours and during special functions such as when the place is hired out for a party.

At home running my homely small country restaurant Credit Picture License: via photopincc