The Most Outstanding Water Shoes for Active Women


Water shoes; what are these? Water shoes are the latest fashion in sports. This footwear is a specialized type of shoes that are designed for outdoor use. Among its unique aspect involves resistance to various weather conditions, durability and incredible feet protection which you could never find in regular rubber shoes. For this reason, water shoes have become a popular option especially for ladies who are in love with outdoor sports. There are countless of water shoe brand in the market as of now.


But there is one brand of water shoes that excel the most; that is the Merrell Water shoes for women. Merrell is a highly recognizes manufacturer of quality footwear, especially for outdoor gears. Their latest creation called Merrell women’s Waterpro Maipo water shoes is one big bit in the market. There is more to Merrell Maipo that you should know. It is not labeled as one of the best water shoes for no reason. So, why Merrell Maipo water shoes are worth your trust? Here are the things that you must know.


Hydro-Drainage and Ventilation System


Water shoes can be used in waters. However, it does not mean that these shoes are waterproof, instead, it has holes and a drainage system that allows the water to pass in and out from the shoes Merrell Maipo is different from most water shoes due to their excellent hydro-draining system. These shoes are pores that allow the water to drain fast. In addition, it also acts as an efficient ventilation system especially when you are using it during a sunny day. Therefore, using these shoes will keep your feet fresh and cool.


Anti-Friction and Foot Stabilizer


Some shoes do not keep your foot in place when you wear it. Your feet are always slipping on the in-step surface making it hard for you to control your steps and balance. The Merrell Maipo, on the other hand, prevents your feet from slipping. It has an ETC anti-friction feature that keeps your foot secure. In addition, the rear foot of this water shoes is molded with TPU stabilizer while the heel is cushioned to lessen the impact of shock when you are walking on rough and rocky paths.


Highly Adjustable


The Merrell Maipo offers secure fit when in use. This water sandal is highly adjustable. All you need to do is alter the smaller straps and shoelaces for a secure fit. Aside from this, this pair of water shoes is incredibly a lightweight. Hence, you will experience no trouble in using these shoes as you take rough terrains, muddy surfaces and even in the waters like rivers and streams.

Easy to Clean


The best thing about Merrell Maipo is that these shoes are easy to clean and maintain. You can wash it by following the instructions on its tag. Also, it quickly dries compared to regular shoes that take time in drying. You can guarantee that this water shoe is definitely worth your trust. Do you want to know more about these shoes? Check them out here at Smart Sports Shoes.