Affording a Quality Education

Affording a Quality Education

If you want to study any type of science, especially the more advanced areas, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg to earn your degree. This is simply because subjects such as biochemistry and geology require a great deal of resources in order to prepare students for the real world. Even though the education itself can be quite expensive, these individuals go on to make a great deal of money annually and have long-term careers in the fields that they love. Keep reading to learn more about these career opportunities.

Biochemistry Colleges

If you plan on studying biochemistry, you may be interested in knowing how much it costs to get into some of the best schools in the country. The average cost for an out-of-state Bachelor’s degree program in Biochemistry is just over $42,000 a year. If you are looking for the most affordable Biochemistry program in the country, you would have to be looking at the United States Air Force Academy for individuals who have served in the Air Force. The most popular Biochemistry program in the U.S is the University of California San Diego and it awards nearly 400 degrees every single year.

There are a number of other colleges who offer Bachelor’s degree programs in Biochemistry. The University of Arizona, California State University, John Brown University, and the University of Miami are just a few of the colleges that offer high quality Biochemistry programs for students who love science and chemistry.

Becoming an Optometrist

Optometrists are responsible for diagnosing vision problems and prescribing corrective lenses and medications to treat them. They are a little bit different than ophthalmologists who are allowed to perform eye surgeries, and from opticians who design and dispense eye lenses. They are primarily responsible for helping people see better and also improving their quality of life in the long run.

After you receive a high school diploma, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or physics, and then attend medical school. Before you go to medical school you have to take the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). If you want to go to an accredited optometry school, you have to have high scores on your test. You can even take a course that will help you to prepare for your test. If you want to register for the test, there is a $330 non-refundable fee.

Both of these career options are very different but they are both very rewarding. Learning how to become an optometrist or a biochemist can be seriously challenging but worth it in the long run. You will gain an education as well as long-term rewarding career. Take your time to find the right program for you.

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