Review of Medication Reminder Health Application

In the modern life, proper balanced diet has become very rare. Inorganic food has replaced the organic food and junk food has replaced the healthy diet. People suffering from mal-nutrition due to lack of balanced diet are often prescribed with supplements. But supplements are rather hard to put in your routine and take them regularly because more than one supplements are often prescribed at the same time. Hence it is very difficult to keep proper record and timing of taking these medicine.

Well advancement in technology over the past few years have made our life so easy by providing us with the solutions to everyday problems. Intrepid Pillbox is one of the best examples of modern applications. It is a mobile app that helps in tracking your medication timings and remind you when you have to take these medicine. Hence if you have to take frequent medication and you often forget to do so a medication reminders app can help

Review of Intrepid Pillbox:

As evident from its very name, this mobile app is to remind you to take your supplement pills at proper time without any issue of forgetting. There are a number of features introduced in this app. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Travel planner:

If you are a frequent traveler, it is very important to keep proper plan and calculate the exact number of tablets that you will be requiring over the number of days that you are going to spend on your tour. Since there are a number of touring sites where you can find food but you will not be able to find proper medicine. Hence it is extremely important to keep a proper plan of what you need.

Travel planner feature of this app helps in calculating the exact number of pills you will be requiring and it will also remind you at time of taking each pill. So that you can enjoy your journey without having stress of remembering timing of each and every pill.

2. Four quadrant layout:

This app divides the day in to four quadrant each being morning, afternoon, evening at night. This is because most of the tablets will fall under any of these quadrants. This allows you to keep a check on your total consumption over each quadrant and help you track down the number of pills that you have to take in each time zone.

3. Increased Absorption:

Medicine work in human body according to absorption cycle. When we take medicine, they are digested with food and then absorbed in our blood to give us effect that we need. If medicine is not absorbed properly, there will be of no use of taking these pills. Reduction in absorption is due to improper timings of taking these medicine. This app helps in providing proper absorption by reminding you proper timings of taking these medicine.

4. Weight reduction:

When you are traveling on long journeys, the main importance is the weight of your backpack, since this app helps you avoiding over or under packing of medicine, hence it helps in weight reduction at your long tours and trips.

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