My Sunday school teacher helped me discover my music talent

My Sunday school teacher helped me discover my music talent

I am a music enthusiast. I cannot say that I am a music virtuoso, but I guess I am above average when it comes to singing and playing the guitar.

My passion for music started when I was still a young boy going to Sunday school. As usual, during Sunday school classes, most of the time we were singing songs. I remember we had a particularly jovial teacher who was quite nice to us and she would teach us some very nice songs of which I still remember a few.

This teacher was the first person who discovered that I was good at singing. I guess at this time it was simply because I was singing louder than the others children in the class. I do not think that she identified a better voice in me or an ability to hold tunes better. This is because I developed these abilities later. Another major ability that she might have noticed in me was my ability to grasp songs faster. Once a song was taught us, I would not easily forget it.

Anyway, due to my superior voice and my ability to quickly grasp songs, I was often asked to lead the other kids in song. Obviously this responsibilities made me proud and made me love singing more and obviously love Sunday school more.

As I grew older, the Sunday school teacher encouraged me to join the church choir of which she was the matron. I agreed. The church choir is where I finally was able to discover my true potential and also discover more about the world of music.

I remember the first thing that fascinated me very much when I first joined the choir was the opportunity of using the mic. I had noticed that the music produced by the choir during presentations were amplified to make them comfortably audible around the church. Since I wanted to be able to have a mic to myself, I strived to be a main vocalist.

During my days singing with the choir, I also came to know about musical instruments. I had not had much interest in them before but now that I was always with them I became more interested in them. I was particularly interested in the guitar which I considered a “cool” instrument to play.

Again thanks to the Sunday school teacher, I was able to learn the guitar. The teacher was very good at the guitar and the keyboard. I was however not very much interested in the keyboard. Since I had developed a good rapport with the teacher, I asked her to teach me how to play the guitar.

The teacher patiently taught me how to play the guitar using a Seagull S6 acoustic guitar. I quickly learnt playing the stringed instrument and I became very fond of it. I asked my parents to buy me a personal guitar.

When I got my own guitar I could practice playing songs as I sung them. Soon I was presenting solo songs in church with my own guitar accompaniment.

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