Identifying and nurturing musical talents in children

Identifying and nurturing musical talents in children

Having some talent in music is not a universal thing. This is a talent that only some of us can have whilst others will not have. Different people with a natural gift for music will also have different capacities. Some are more gifted than others. Also not all of them will be gifted in the same area in music.

For example, there are some people who are well gifted to play some certain musical instruments while they are pathetic at other instruments. You could be very good at playing the keyboard whereas you cannot hold a beat while playing a drum set and vice versa. The gifts also differ in terms of singing talents and instrument playing talents.

It is common to find that a talented musician will have his or her skills spread across different areas in music. For example, an individual might be able to play several musical instruments, especially related musical instruments i.e. percussion, wind, or string instruments. It is also common to see musically blessed singers who are also gifted in playing musical instruments. It is common to see a musician who can sing and play the guitar or a musician who can sing and play the piano.

To identify an individual’s talent is usually not an easy thing. Most of the time, the individuals will discover where their strengths lie by trial and error which might take a long time. A good way of getting to know one’s talent is by observing the individual as a child.

Usually a person is talented in the things that attract them most especially as a child. Therefore, if you notice that a child is being attracted to something very much, they could have a talent in it. In the case of musical instruments, a kid may like to produce musical sounds. They may also be exceptionally attracted to melodious sounds. This is a good indicator of probable music talent in a child.

When interest is noticed in a child, it should be nurtured. For example, if you see a child is interested in musical sounds, you could buy him or her a digital piano for beginners and see how she handles it. If the child shows some interest in playing the instrument, and if she seems to easily grasp how to play simple melodies, then it could be a sign of great promise.

One of the greatest challenges that parents and guardians face when trying to find the best musical instrument for a child is when it comes to shopping. Usually, a kid’s musical instrument is specially designed to be easy to play and easy to handle for the child. For example, the normal sized acoustic guitars are too big for a child. One might need to shop for an acoustic guitar that is small (child size).

You also need to get a musical instrument that is easy to play and not complicated, like the digital piano for beginners or, for the case of a guitar, don’t buy an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar that has extra accessories such as tuners and amplifiers.

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