How To Stay Safe In Sports.

Get in the game is easy but staying in the game needs a lot of commitment both from increasing your skills and from keeping your body healthy and fit. This means that you need to stay safe no matter how rough the sport is. I’m here to help you stay in the game by preventing injuries. These five measures will help.

  1. Wear protective gear

When sporting, forget about looking too good because you need to actually over dress to be safe. The gear however depends on the kind of sport. Wear a helmet. Your head is the most important part of your body so you have to protect it by all means.  Never go to sports like biking, skateboarding, baseball and skateboarding, just mentioning a few, without wearing a helmet. Wear the right helmet that suits your sport.

Many sports will allow you to wear padded compression shirts since you wear them under your jersey. With these top padded compression shirts, you will feel more comfortable enhancing your performance and you will be safer at the same time; they protect you from the impact of falling and skin burns.

  1. Cool down after warming up

Don’t just walk in the playground and get into the game without warming up and cooling down. You need to make your body loosen up and be ready for the game to avoid injuries especially muscle pulls. Warm up by jogging or doing some star jumps, then stretch before you start playing.

  1. Follow the rules of the game

Traffic signs and traffic lights are meant to prevent cars from crashing in each other. This is possible because the drivers and pedestrians understand them and they follow them, the same applies to sports. Each sport has its rules and it is the responsibility of all players to have them at their fingertips to prevent injuries and to play a fair game. When you break the rules, you will get in the way of injuries and you will be penalized as well. So to keep safe, you will know when to intercept the ball, which way to run and how to kick the ball. Ask your coach about the rules or have a copy of the rules and make yourself conversant to them.

  1. Avoid playing when you have an injury

When you really love the game then you can be tempted to go back and play even when your have an injury that has not fully healed. This I can say is being mean to yourself. Love the game but love yourself too. When you are hurt or when you injury has not fully recovered you need to stay out of the game for some time until you are well again.

Be honest to your coach and to your parents or guardians when you are hurt in any way. Then you need to seek medical help from the doctor so that he or she can treat you or give you advice of how best you can heal. Playing when you are not all healthy will lead to bigger harm that will keep you out of the game for longer.

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