How to Instantly Remove Cherry Angioma

Its dream of any young girl to look perfect and glowing. But it cannot be done if you have treated your skin without due care. Skin is the most essential part when it comes to create the outlook of your body. Skin may feel dull and dizzy if you do not know how to protect it by essential care and skin care products that are readily available in market. Sometimes young girls may develop skin acne pimples known as Cheery Angioma. These bright red spots are also known as Campbell de Morgan spots or senile angiomas. These red spots are not raised from epidermis. They blend in your skin and are not irritating and also not painful. But they can bleed if scratched. You may find them mostly on upper or lower limbs.

This article focuses on the causes, preventive measures and treatment of cherry Angioma and you can always read more about these blisters and pimples at this website

Symptoms of cherry Angioma:

Symptoms of this skin condition are very rare and bright red blood like spots you may find them as below:


  • Small armpit lump that can be engraved into your skin but not spotted by any pain or irritation. Sometimes these are so unusual that you may not feel it by figure. You can only spot it by looking at it.
  • Cherry red armpit bump that are non-irritating and also not painful. They may be at distant to each other or adjacent.
  • Constant armpit lump that cannot be removed by rubbing. It can cause bleeding if scratched or irritated.

Causes and precautions:

Causes of this skin condition are mainly unknown. Mostly these are considered to be a kind of auto-immune skin disease that can have no obvious reason. Because cherry angiomas represent a group of overgrown cells, cherry angiomas are “technically” tumors but they are entirely benign. So they cannot be symptom of cancer yet you need to be careful if they increase in number.

These blisters are considered to be result of trauma or some previous injury to skin that has caused under skin superficial bleeding and can be non-removable by ordinary medication.

One of another anticipated causes is the cell aging factor that causes blood clots formation under the skin. But all these causes are not proven hundred percent these are anticipation and research results.

Prevention and treatment:

Treatment of these blisters is not necessary since these can not cause any medical situation or irritation but some people may want to get them removed for cosmetic reasons. There are four main ways of removing cherry angiomas. Let us discuss some of these:

1) Laser treatments:

Laser beam is used in this case to burn or destroy the angiomas. This can be harmful to other healthy skin cells if these blisters are more in quantity.

2) Electro cautery:

Electric torch is used in this method to lay incident red light beam that is helpful in extraction of these pimples.

3) Shave excision:

Sharpe blade like electric machine is used to suck out these pimples. Skin is made numb to avoid any pain during this procedure.

4) Cryotherapy:

This is the most advanced technique for extraction of pimples. In this technique cold substance like liquid nitrogen is used to solidify and remove these blisters.

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