Gear Up: Guide to Choose the Right Motorcycle Jacket

One of the misconceptions that most non-motorcyclist thinks about motorcycle enthusiast is they all wear a black leather jacket all the time. Although the imagery is a classic truth, these past few years there was a great innovation of styles and designs when it comes to a motorcycle jacket.

If you are starting a new passion in riding big motorcycle together with some pro, you should start ditching the idea of wearing big black classy leather jacket and purchase a newer style. To help you out choose the right gear, here are some tips to find the right motorcycle jacket:

1. Know the different styles

There are several types of motorcycle jacket; they are categorized according to their use:

  •    Cruiser motorcycle jacket

Cruiser is one of the classic motorcycle jackets and often used by several motorcycle enthusiast; however, these types are not preferable for faster motorcycle ride because most of these are not fitted with protective or armor plates.

  •    Racing motorcycle jacket

These types of motorcycle jackets are designed and manufactured with high abrasion resistant, allowing the rider to take the speed without worrying about impacts of the speed.

  •    Adventure motorcycle jacket

These adventure jackets are tailored with high and durable materials; that allows you to use in riding adventure.

  •    Street or sport motorcycle jacket

These types of motorcycle jackets are casual version of racing motorcycle jackets, which are designed versatile enough to be used in any motorcycle sports. However, these type motorcycle jackets are not tolerated to be used for speed motorcycle sports due to the materials used.

2. Choosing between textile and leather

There are two types of motorcycle jackets – the leather and the textile; although leather are far more stylish, more and more bikers find it safe and comfortable to use textile. To understand each, below are the pros and cons of each motorcycle jackets:



  • Thicker
  • Stronger abrasion resistant
  • Great protection during road dash


  • Moderately flexible
  • slightly water resistant
  • fairly heavy



  • Versatile
  • More comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Great ventilation
  • Lighter
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Durable, but not durable enough unlike the leather
  • Less stylish and vintage than the leather

3. The perfect fit

Before paying for your chosen motorcycle jacket, try to fit it first. The perfect fit should be:

  • The jacket should still fit even if you are sitting or riding the motorcycle.
  • The sleeves must be long enough to protect you from the harsh environment when riding.
  • The cuffs on the sleeves must have a zipper.
  • You feel all comfortable when wearing the motorcycle jacket.

4. Read reviews

There are hundreds of brands that offer different styles and designs of motorcycle jacket; so, one of the best ways to purchase the right one is to read other reliable reviews about motorcycle jackets that are available in the market today. At Motorcycle Gear Up you will find several reliable motorcycle jackets; all you need to do is visit the site today and order one you think is the best.

Final Thoughts

Motorcycle jackets are essential gear for every motorcycle riders; so, if you want to have a safe and fun ride, make sure to gear up properly.

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