Everything You Need to Know About Workplace Harassment in San Diego

Workplace harassment can make any employees feel uncomfortable, lose confidence at work, and feel unsafe, causing them either to leave the company or live in depression and anxiety while working for the same people.

What is workplace harassment?

Based on California law, the workplace harassment is defined as the result of discrimination, which can be verbal, physical, or both.

There are several types of workplace harassment, but the most common are:

  •    Physical harassment includes violence and sexual assault against the victim.
  • Emotional harassment is often triggered by workplace bullying, always being yelled at, often suspected or accused of work errors, defamation, sabotage, and other unfair treatments of colleagues or boss.

Additionally, workplace harassment can also be classified as:

  •    Sexual harassment is defined as offensive behavior towards the victims. Also, the sexual harassment includes unwanted touching, receiving offensive and explicit messages, the Quid Pro Quo (sexual favor in return for another favor), sexual advances, and more.
  •    Racial harassment is defined as unfavorable behavior towards the victim due to his or her color, nature, origin, and race. Even though several companies (private or public) do not tolerate such action within its employees, still there are countless of people who practice such offensive behavior.
  •    Bullying at the workplace is defined as repetitive discriminatory actions against weak victims. Also, bullying at work may include profane outburst, always given several heavy tasks than the others, repetitive criticism that can bear demeaning opinions, humiliation, and even threats.

How will you know if workplace harassment is already happening to you and what to do about it?

Since there are several forms of workplace harassment, identifying one can be challenging, especially if these innuendos are too subtle to notice. Fortunately, there are several reliable related reviews that had specified the signs of being harassed:

  1.    You are experiencing non-stop verbal abuse, humiliation, threats, demeaning comments, and more, making the victim lose his or her confidence at work, anxiety, and depression.
  2.    You feel intimidated every time you think about work, your boss, or your colleague; thus, affecting your productivity and efficiency at work.
  3.    The idea of going to the office becomes stressful.

Here are the top things you can do to avoid being harassed at the office:

  •    Act out

Do not be afraid.

No matter how hard it is, never submit to your fear. Act accordingly and talk to your immediate supervisor. However, if your perpetrator is your immediate supervisor or your boss, you have to talk to someone who knows legal processes right here: https://walkerlawsd.com/workplace-harrasment-happening-to-you/ . Prepare to meet efficient attorneys that can help you in case of workplace harassment.

  •    Learn the things you need to learn about workplace harassment

There are reliable sites that can help you understand the law in San Diego about harassment in the office.

  •    Prepare for retaliation

Experiencing retaliation after submitting a complaint to higher authorities is a common phenomenon for victims. So, be prepared to file resignation from your toxic working environment and start a new one.

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