DIY Mechanic Auto Skill

Transportation is part of a person’s daily routine. As a result of advancement in technology, people could opt for different vehicle to use. You may choose to commute with public bus, van or even trains; however, it may take lot of effort fighting your spot on that type of transportation. Every day is a never ending battle to go home or go to work. If you want convenience you could opt for private transportation. Purchasing your own car is a perfect option.

Owning a car entails great responsibility. You really need to look after it. Repair and maintenance is a must. Going to the mechanics can save you from this dilemma. Mechanic shops could offer wide range of services for major repairs and maintenance for car owners. It could greatly help you save time and energy; however, it could cost you a lot as well. As practical car owners, you might consider learning simple mechanical knowledge to save money and trips to the workshop in the long run. Learning this essential knowledge is coupled by knowing also the right material to use in the repair process.  If you are planning for personal auto workshop at home you should start by purchasing floor jack.

It is a type of jack used to lift a part of a vehicle so repair could be performed underneath. Floor jacks are popular among amateur car enthusiasts who are fond of do-it-yourself things. However, not all floor jacks are created the same. It comes with specific weight limit. There are two type of jack: mechanical and hydraulic.

Mechanical jack are powered by lead screw and usually have lower lifting capacity as it depends on direct physical means to lift heavy object. On the other hand hydraulic floor jacks are powered by hydraulics and usually have high lifting capacity.  The two main categories could be further classified into types into three: bottle jack, scissor jacks and floor jacks. Bottle jack is one type of hydraulic jack named after the fact that it looks like a bottle. It uses piston mechanism to lift a vehicle with just few pumps. However, never underestimate the power of this jack as it is popularly use to lift tractors, lift forks and other heavy machinery. Scissor jack is a type of mechanical jack. It is common among car owners because it is usually given free from the car company however it is not commonly used because of its limited lifting capacity. It is ideal only on changing tires. The most popular among all its type is floor jack. It is usually heavy and big that is why it is ideal for home garage DIY workshops.

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