Backpacking Preparation Tips for Beginners

Have you already marked your calendar for your first ever backpacking trip?

You might get the jitters and feel daunted by hiking in an unknown area, secluded from the vast community. While it is a normal reaction for first-time backpackers, there are professionals that still get nervous, especially if they are trekking a hazard-prone trail. But if you’ve got the spirit and love for outdoor activities, nothing can stop you to experience backpacking.

It is significant to prepare for your first backpacking trip. Always remember that anything can happen while you are traversing the woods. You might get lost, be in an accident, or encounter an animal. The only key to your survival is preparedness; here are the top five preparation tips that you must follow on your first backpacking experience.

#1 Plan your Destination

There are individuals who are too complacent when it comes to backpacking expeditions, where they randomly choose the destination without planning. These types of people are foolish and reckless; they are prone to accidents and backpacking problems.

So, to avoid backpacking complications, you have to plan your destinations, based on your and your friend’s budget, time constraints, trail system, distance, and the possibility of danger.

#2 Check the Weather

Never forget to check the weather forecast before hiking on the planned location. It is unwise to go backpacking if there is a possible storm within the week. If there is, better put off your plan and wait for the storm to pass.

#3 Prepare your Essentials

What do you need to pack for long distance backpacking?

The key is to pack light. Only bring the items that you will need such as food, water, hiking gears, portable tent or sleeping bag, medical kit and navigation tools. Packing unnecessary items will only slow down your movement. Also, it will wear you down fast.

Remember that when choosing backpacking gears, you have to invest for guaranteed durable and high-quality products. Do not settle for low-quality items because of a cheap price. If you have no idea of which gears to pick, go to reliable sites like Gear Lobo. This source can help you choose the right backpacking gears for your needs.

#4 Do a Gear Test

Make a checklist of the items that you will need for your trip. This technique would help you to prevent forgetting important items to bring. Once you have completed your list, perform a gear test. This will give you the assurance that your tools and equipment are working well. And, it will save you from any trouble, bringing faulty items.

#5 Prepare Yourself

Backpacking takes a lot of physical strength. Thus, you have to prepare your body and mind for the activity. Mind that this activity is a test of endurance. If you easily get tired, you might not experience the best moment of your trip. Therefore, do a weeklong exercise before your trip. You can also consult a personal trainer to guide you on the right workout program for such activity.

Do you need more backpacking guide for starters? Follow this source of informative details.

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